I was still working in radio at the time. We were discussing the future of radio, content, and the web, when I was asked, ‘Are you a radio guy, or a web guy?’ I think that was what did it. In my mind I answered, ‘Neither. And, both. I’m a content guy. What does delivery method have to do with it?’ Soon after, I left radio, and spent the better part of a year dreaming about what that response really meant for me, and, really, for all of us.

It seems my past, and future, are about one word. One very important word. Content. Creating it, producing it, and making sure people can find it–-with this one purpose: to creatively compel people to act.  Sure, it can mean ‘buy this product,’ but I was aiming at something quite a bit higher. It is more than a question about how I would fill my work week, it was a question about how I am to impact peoples lives.

We really have no choice in the matter. We will impact people’s lives. So the question becomes, ‘how?’ I love everything about content. Mostly because it is everything. It’s where the magic happens… where customers become soul mates, where growth, in every way, occurs… where lives are changed.   It is the most wonderful place.  A place I never want to leave.

Here’s to great content,

January, 2008