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Real Love Reveals Great Content

Your ability to deliver great content is directly tied to the intimacy you have with your customer. The farther apart you are, the harder it will be to know what it is will compel them to act. We can learn a lot from a strong marriage.

Spending time together communicating begets intimacy, and ultimately, a strong relationship. That strong relationship reveals understanding, which can be used to strengthen the relationship further. The customer is not just a ‘target’, they are humans desiring a deeply rich and satisfying experience–from you! If you’re at a loss for ‘what to say’, spend some time with your customer.

Start with an honest conversation, where you’re doing most of the listening. It will be the beginning of a stronger relationship, and your ability to provide the kind of content that gives them the experience they desire from you. Your love for your customer shows in the content you provide them.

How Dare You Delay My Satisfaction!

Oh dealer of dollar menu delight, what power you yield. The power to satisfy in mere moments. Getting fast food fast–nothing better. You get what you want, how you want it, and quickly. I’ve even had instances where I was holding them up.

When the customer is quickly satisfied, all is right with the world. But when that doesn’t happen, your company can represent everything that is wrong with the world. The executive-level brainstorms, marketing strategies, “synergy” between departments–all for naught.  There are too many other places for your customer to go when their satisfaction is even slightly delayed.

Everything must be thought out, and executed with excellence all the way down to the very point of contact.  Literally.  If at this point the experience fails, most, if not all, is potentially lost. The loss on invested time and resources, and most importantly, the potential loss of a customer.  No one can afford that.  View the point of contact with a customer with more of the perspective of the customer, and be very careful what you put between your customer and their desire.

Content… You Gotta Love It.  Seriously.

Behance uses part of an interesting quote for the title of their annual ‘making ideas happen’ 99u conference.  The title of the conference comes from Thomas Edison’s quote “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”  And how true that is for creative people.  Those who are not creative (typically,  everyone above the creative team in the organization) don’t fully grasp the magnitude of Edison’s quote, and, consequently, creative people.  The idea part, is the easy part.  But then what?

Creative people work like mad to pull it off, that’s what.  Which can only be done, if you love it.  Really love it.  Like, ‘will-you-take-content-to-be-your-lawfully-wedded-wife’-love it.  Otherwise, the great idea stays at the 1% accomplished level.  Organizations wanting to realize fulfillment of the 1% inspiration need to find truly creative people (who really love to create great content), and then support them in their pursuit of the 99%–(almost) without question.


My focus is more on the differentiator (content) than on the commodity (tools). Which means I talk you out of the expensive and unnecessary, and point you toward what will bring you growth and success–effectively leveraging great content using the right tools.  Contact me and let’s talk about how the wisdom of content can work for you!